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Nirmal Yoga

Located in Tokyo, Nirmal Yoga Studio welcomes all yoga lovers, regardless of age range, skill level, or gender.

At Nirmal Yoga, we develop and offer a wide variety of classes, ranging from yoga poses to meditation and pranayama (breathing control method).

Yoga is the art of restoring balance to the body with movement. Upon restoring balance, physical strain and discomfort will be eased. These benefits will extend to the mind, resulting in a more positive mentality. In addition to adjusting the body, we at Nirmal Yoga also care greatly about balancing the spirit.

Nirmal Yoga aims to cultivate a healthy body and a healthy spirit, culminating in the realization of one’s "true self".


Nirmal Yoga (Standard Class)



We focus on 6 categories of poses to achieve balance across the entire body - standing, inversion, side stretching, forward bending, backward bending and twisting. Additionally, breathing is practiced during the pose in order to massage the internal organs and restore the hormonal balance.

Meditation is said to be food for the soul. Common positive benefits of meditation include emotional calmness, better quality of sleep, and decreased blood pressure.

Teacher Training

Nirmal Yoga Teacher Training (TT) is an Immersive one-year course that deeply explores the topics of Yoga and Ayurveda through incorporating the training in one's daily life in a process which changes one's mind and body.


By breathing more than 78,000 nerves in one's body will be purified. Pranayama is a breathing method to raise life force (prana).

Micro Yoga

During Microyoga, we focus on moving and relaxing (one by one) the 207 different joints of the body. Microyoga is part of the preparation for proper form of Asana (Yoga pose).



For those who wish to better understand one’s own body and constitution, improve mental and physical health, and/or enhance overall lifestyle.



A gentle head massage combined with a warm oil treatment to the forehead leads to deep relaxation and removal of toxins accumulated in the parasympathetic nervous system and autonomic nervous system to restore.

A full-body worm oil treatment that penetrates deep into the body and stimulates the skin while removing toxins accumulated within the mind and body.

Yogic Massage

A body therapy session for working on joints, in order to achieve proper Asana (yoga pose).

This session is perfect for those with hard joints, or those who have difficulty doing yoga due to injury history of the body and/or old age.

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