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About Nirmal Yoga Class

Nirmal Yoga

(Standard Class)

We focus on 6 categories of poses to achieve balance across the entire body - standing, inversion, side stretching, forward bending, backward bending and twisting. Additionally, breathing is practiced during the pose in order to massage the internal organs and restore the hormonal balance, remove waste product, pain, and stress.

Drawing analogy to a course meal, for example, the body preparation phase is like a salad, followed by the breathing exercise as an appetizer and the sun salutations being the soup, leading into the main dish of Asana (yoga pose), and finishing off with a dessert of Savasana (relaxing pose). At Nirmal Yoga, you can experience a “full course” of yoga in just 60 minutes.


​Micro Yoga

In Microyoga, we will focus on moving and relaxing (one by one) the 207 different joints of the body. By extending the muscles and nerves while moving the joints, the body gets resilient to injury. This is part of the preparation for Asana (Yoga pose) - you will be able to enter a more proper form of Asana and enjoy the pose.



​(Breathing Method)

Breathing affects and restores over 78,000 nerves in the human body. By controlling your breath, you are able to increase your vitality (“Prana”). There are several breathing methods such as bhastrika, kapalbhati, and nadi shodhana, which may involve different techniques such as breathing as rapid as producing heat or repeated cycles of inhale to a pose and exhale to a pose, etc.


Practicing to replace short breathing with deep breathing will improve one’s physical state and stress levels affected by anxiety and irritation, and restore calmness to the mind.



Meditation is said to be “food for the soul”. Just like Asana (posing) is important for the body and Pranayama is important for the nerves, meditation is important for the soul. Without meditation, the soul cannot function. Meditation is a path towards the internal, a method for searching for one’s “true self”.


Common positive benefits from meditation include emotional calmness, better quality of sleep, and decreased blood pressure.



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