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About Nirmal Yoga

“Be your own doctor”

Yoga is the art of restoring balance to the body with movement. Upon restoring balance, physical strain and discomfort will be eased. These benefits will extend to the mind, resulting in a more positive mentality.

In addition to adjusting the body, we at Nirmal Yoga also care greatly about balancing the spirit.Nirmal Yoga aims to cultivate a healthy body and a healthy spirit, culminating in the realization of one’s "true self".

What is "true self"

"I want to be happy" – this is something that everyone would desire. The path to happiness, however, is not easy to find.


Will we become happy by getting rich? By getting married? By having a successful career? Possibly, but none of these will guarantee eternal happiness.


“Although yesterday was full of joy, today is full of sorrow.” Those who see such drastic changes in their emotional states have not yet realized one’s “true self”.


So where exactly is this “true self” – strong and free from external influence? It’s actually been inside of you all along. We don’t notice our “true self” although it exists as close to you as that. You may think that you know yourself the most, but it’s common for our attention to be focused outwardly – I want affection, I want to eat delicious things, I want to be seen as beautiful, I want to be accepted by others, I want I want... – if all of that energy could be focused internally instead, you will be able to meet that strong, unwavering version of yourself. The journey to your “true self” – that is the journey you will begin at Nirmal Yoga.

Founder Background: Nirmal Raj Gyawali

Born in Nepal in 1976, Nirmal began training at Ashram, a yoga & Ayurveda dojo founded by his grandfather, from age 9. From age 14, he began teaching yoga to others, acquiring rich experience of teaching yoga along the way toward his doctoral & therapeutic certifications in Ayurveda.


Nirmal came to Japan in 2003, and initially held lectures in English. As his Japanese ability increased, currently lectures are held in both English and Japanese without the help for any translators. That is to say, Nirmal yoga studio has been a valuable resource in Japan for authentic yoga and Ayurveda instruction.

Nirmal Yoga – Activities & Services

1: Daily class – We host classes of various levels every day from 7am to 9pm on weekdays; including an early morning, morning, afternoon, and evening class, each ranging from 1 to 1 ½ hours. Aside from yoga classes, there are also classes in meditation and breathing (pranayama) as well.

2: Ayurvedic Treatment – Abhayanga (full-body deep oil massage) and Shirodhara (forehead oil massage) treatments are available, performed by our Ayurveda doctors & therapists. A gentle treatment to refresh & restore a tired body & mind is the best reward you can give to yourself.


Additionally, Nirmal is able to perform Ayurveda Counseling. He diagnoses the state of physical & mental health by checking pulse, hand-reading, and astrological signs, and he gives advice related to lifestyle habits, diseases, etc. It may be an opportunity to fundamentally review your overall current lifestyle.

3: Teacher training – A year-long course (held on weekends) dedicated to study of the body, accumulating 200 hours of experience along the way. Following our theme of “Be your own doctor”, by understanding your body and actively noticing physical habits and distortions, you can greatly improve your personal health.


Following 200 hours of study (“TT200”), the next level is “TT300”, which requires 300 hours of study in one year and aims to further improve self-understanding and meet one’s “true self”, applying physical and mental knowledge toward deep meditation.


After TT300 is “Advance” level – taking the lessons and knowledge from TT300 to the next level.

4: Workshops – We host various workshops such as chakra meditation (focusing on chakras while meditating, which will make it easier to enter a meditative state), Shanka Prakshalana (cleansing of the intestinal system via large amounts of water intake, one of the detox methods of Ayurveda), seasonal workshops, students' requests, as well as special therapy sessions outside the scope of TT. There are also classes for understanding yoga scriptures such as Yoga Sutras, etc.

5: Training Camps – We host excursions to places such as Koyasan, Togakushi, Hakushu etc. - places that are said to be holy grounds. There are also occasional yoga camps abroad such as to Nepal and India, fasting camps according to the season, etc. By leaving the studio and changing our surroundings, we will be able to find new discoveries and ways of enjoying yoga.

Message from Nirmal Raj Gyawali

"People who started yoga today and those who have been practicing for 30 years get the same refreshed feeling after doing yoga. It’s a very important thing to be able to experience. When I initially came to Japan, my teaching style was very strict and focused on the technique above all else – but now that’s different. I want my students to be able to enjoy and always continue doing yoga. If you are late for classes, it’s not a problem. If you are tired, you should do Savasana (a pose to relax).


Anyone can do yoga – old age or lack of flexibility are not a problem at all. If you are still undeciding, let me help you start your yoga journey.

Company Profile

Company name: Yoga Ashram Japan Corporation

Office: EAT PLAY WORKS4F-41, Hiroo 5-4-16, Shibuya-ku

Tel & Fax: 03-4400-1380


Capital: 6 million yen

Establishment date: August 1, 2007

Business Operations: Management of yoga studio, Ayurveda salon, etc.

President: Nirmal Raj Gyawali

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