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About Yoga Alliance RYT

Certified Yoga School (RYS) for training

Recognized in over 50 countries across the world, the certification can only be issued by yoga schools (RYS) and instructors (E-RYT) certificated to offer trainings based on strict evaluation criteria (RYT, E-RYT).


Upon finishing a certified course, one can apply for a certification directly to the Yoga Alliance. Once approved, the newly certified Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) will be registered as a certified yoga instructor RYT (Registered Yoga Instructor) and become an active certified instructor of the Yoga Alliance.


Along with setting the basic training and evaluation criteria, the United States National Yoga Alliance also provides support to individuals and schools that actively operate instructor training programs.


On top of being a remarkable personal achievement, gaining the certification will allow for a larger range of possible activities as a yoga instructor. Nirmal Yoga Teacher Training operates with the RYS certification*, and graduates will be able to register directly with the United State National Yoga Alliance.


Take this opportunity to help your future activities.

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