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Nirmal Yoga

The class aims to calm and relax your body.  First, breathing exercises will calm your mind, followed by warm-up exercises, yoga postures and finally savasana (proper relaxation).  Each and every posture will be practiced in a "relaxed" state.  Your body and mind will relax from the inside, and will become full of energy.  (90min. class)

Nirmal Yoga Basic

60 minute, short Version of Nirmal Yoga Class.  Class starts with breathing exercise, followed by warm-up, easy postures and rest.  Your body and mind will relax from the inside, and will become full of energy. Recommended for beginners. (60min. class)

Nirmal Yoga Intermediate

This class is designed for especially for those who wants to feel the effect of each asana more deeply. It will deepens your experience of yoga especially to your mind. You will stay in one asana for more than 5 minutes as ancient Rishi had practiced. So it is beneficial for those who can sit in padmasana comfortably more than 5 minutes. You will also learn how to completely relax in each asana so that it will work on your subtle body.

Nirmal Yoga Micro

Each body part like wrist, shoulder, hip, and pelvis are moved one by one, eventually releasing stiffness from your whole body.  Flexibility will increase too, enabling you to perform the yoga postures more effectively. (60 min. class)


Shallow breathing which is often seen in modern daily life is caused by the imbalance of body and mind.  In this class, various breathing exercises will guide you to deeper breathing and will remove negative feelings and toxins in your body.  (60 min. class)

Yogic Massage

You will practice yoga postures with the help of the therapist.  The therapist will help you relax and lead you to the proper posture.  This will enable you to feel the full benefit of each and every yoga posture, and will increase your flexibility too.  

Shankha Prakchalan (Colon Cleansing Yoga)

This is one of powerful Ayurvedic treatment to purify inside the body. Practicing this every two month helps you keep health. You will take luke warm water with half spoon salt then you will do some asanas which affects colon and stimulate the excretion. The 9 meter colon will be washed and cleansed and all the waste matter will be washed away. This method is effective for constipation, skin trouble, headache, high blood pressure and etc. 

*This class is held once a month. Please ask the studio for the date. After the session, you will have special lunch to take care of the inside the body. 

*Bring 4L water and a grab of sea salt.
*It is recommended to take light meal the night before or do fasting. Do not eat anything in the morning on that day. 

Start this preparation from 1 week before. Drink 500ml luke warm water and repeat Tadasana 50 times. (Stand with relaxed mode and bring both arms up and feel the stretch on the body and bring them down. Repeat this 50 times.)

Candle Light Meditation

According to Ayurveda, fire is the element to connect seen and unseen. By imaging the light of candle after gazing the light for a while, you will find it easier to meditate. *Every 4th saturday 17:00 - 18:30

Bhajan (Kirtan)

Bhajan is gospel song in Hindu culture of India and Nepal. Repeating sacred names in Sanskrit leads you to deep meditation and the traditional melody opens your heart. 

Meditation & Healing (Basic & Advanced Class)

Junzan Suzuki, a Shingon sect priest, will teach you fun and easy meditation and healing. 

【Basic Class】
Away from daily stress, your mind will feel the inner tranquility, the total stress free stage. Using easy mantra chanting, you will find yourself in meditative state so easily and most importantly fun. After feeling deep relaxation of mind, Suzuki priest will give you healing on your body It will awake your self-healing energy.

【Advanced Class】
Deepening the experience of meditation that you acquired in the basic class, you will be able to access the inner tranquility no matter what happens and no matter where you are. You will be chanting advanced mantra which awakens your potential power of prayer. Deep trauma and stress will be release that are hidden inner part of your heart. Your healing ability that is hidden yet to be found will be developed and become powerful. 

Kirtan and Meditation Class

Combination of Kirtan and Meditation. Kirtan is to sing sacred words, mantra, along with beautiful musical melodies. By filling with full of sound vibration, mind becomes peace naturally and it becomes easier to do meditation. After singing kirtan, we will guide you to the world of samadhi, which is really comfortable, cozy, quiet, warm and peace. Anyone can join this class.

New class!! Beauty Yoga

We are happy to announce our new Beauty Yoga class!!

Instructor : Niraj Gyawali
Date&time : Friday 19:45-21:00

We have seen many of us pay a great attention that how we look. However, we forgot how our face look like, how our eyes look like. Face is our identity, and your eyes are trademark. Your positive aspects and negative aspects, are presented through face and eyes. That is why, we should not forget to exercise our face and eyes.

Let's exercise our face and take back our inner beauty and confidence!!

New Price for Yoga class

From Mar 1st, we are going to change class fee so that more people could experience out Yoga. We will decrease fee like in the below from drop-in to monthly pass for everyone.
Yoga is not special activity but daily routine. We will always try to create comfortable environment for students so that everyone could continue practicing Yoga in life.
Please come to our studio with your friends and family!

Any questions, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you,
Nirmal Yoga Studio​