Application Outline


Nirmal Raj Gyawali, Niraj Gyawali *Classes are partially given by guest teachers.

Duration / schedule / location

Duration : 20th May 2017, Saturday ~ April 2018

* One complete course consists of 4 sessions of a three-month semester.

Schedule : Every Saturday and Sunday, 8:30~10:30

*Total 144 hours of lecture class on Sat. & Sun. in 1 year. (Plan) Plus, it is required to take normal asana classes at least 60hrs with your free pass which we offer for all students who take this teacher training course.  *No class during the year-end and New year, Golden Week, Christmas and Three-day

holiday.*Detailed schedule to be updated on the website.


160,000 JPY (tax included) / each (1st, 2nd and 3rd) semester

* Note: 4th Semester (The last session of basic course) costs 230,000 JPY. The price includes an annual course completion certification fee.

Total cost will be 710,000 JPY.


After payment for each semester you will receive a Teacher Training free pass valid only for the semester of enrollment)

If you pay your tuition fees for the entire year all at once, you will receive either Ayruveda counseling or one free session of Abiyabga 90 min. (Valued 22,000 ~ 23,000 JPY)

Individuals who complete the whole course receive  completion certificate (equivalent to an associate's degree: Diploma) For individuals who would like to obtain an instructor's license, you can undertake an exam administered by

a faculty member. (In addition to tuition you must pay 100,000 JPY as a license-issuing fee)

After payment is complete, please understand that we can not make a refund under any circumstances.

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Curriculum Outline

The teacher training will not be just yoga poses, but also to become a real yogi in your everyday life. *10th Generation will be 1 year course.

      • Basic yoga principle and philosophy 
      • Physiology and Anatomy 
      • Ayurvea and Nature Cure 
      • Treatment by Ether Element 
      • Treatment by Air Element 
      • Treatment by Air Element (Pranayama and Asana) 
      • Air Treatment (Pranayama and Chakra Shuddhi) 
      • Treatment by Water Element
      • Treatment by Fire Element
      • Treatment by Earth Element 
      • Treatment by Food 
      • Advanced asana and meditation 
      • Practice of micro yoga and advanced yoga 
      • How to design your class

【12th Teacher Training will start May 2017!】

Learn Yoga and Ayurveda
The 12th Teacher Training Course starts from May 20th, 2017!
(RYS 200h registered course)

Be your own doctor

This is the aim(goal) of Nirmal Yoga's teacher training course.

Everyone has a different purpose in practicing yoga. If you ask 10 people, you will have ten different answers. Even though they may say it in different terms, it can be said  that there is only one thought behind them all, "I want to be happy"

It is essential to be healthy in order to be happy. To take action, to be rich, stand in your belief, or to have a peaceful mind... All of this can only be possible when you have a healthy body and mind. So, in our teacher's training course, you will learn how to keep your body and mind healthy 

The key word is the five elements, the basis of Ayurveda (*1).  Five elements make up our body and mind.  The knowledge of five elements is vital to keep a healthy body and mind. In the teachers training course, which last for 1 year, you will study in depth about the five elements by the changing process of your own body and mind. 

Through these studies, students will be able to assess the status of their body and mind, like finding out which element is not enough to you, and to know how to improve it.  In this way, you can always be your own doctor even after you finish the teacher's  training course. You will gain strength to stand up in your own feet, without leaning on anything. 

You do not need yoga experience, or any qualification to apply. Everyone, anyone who wants to be healthy, live a happy life, study yoga deeply, to become a yoga teacher, are welcome. (*2)

(*1) In Nirmal Yoga, we define yoga as "Science which first helps us to understand and then control body and mind" which is a part of Ayurveda, the learning system of life philosophy.  That is why it is in studying Nirmal yoga it is important to know the Ayurvedic philosophy. 

(*2) If you have any health problems please let us know in advance. 

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【22Apr】Teacher Training 12th Generation Seminar

"Be your own doctor.... " is the theme of this teacher training. Learn both yoga and ayurveda from the holistic point of view. Happiness and healthy will be attained through your understanding and devotional lifestyle. Our expertise teachers from Nepal will share its ancient knowledge of ayurveda. (Classes will be in both English and Japanese.)


22th Apr. Sat. 13:15 - 14:15

Fee: Free
Reserve:  03-3445-9984
Place: Nirmal Yoga Shirokanedai Studio