Intensive course

【10/20~11/3】Advanced Chakra Meditation Course

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Chakras are the physical channel in our body which helps us to stay fit physically and mentally. In yoga, chakras are always praised by many yogis as these chakras allow them enormous energy to fulfill their aims in the life. Each chakra has their own placement, strength, activity, and character. In this course, we will learn all of those characters of each chakras and meditate on them.

This is particularly designed to those people who are wondering "how do I meditate to reach my aim of life?" This chakra meditation will be a wonderful experience for those people who want to live healthy and happy life forever.

Instructor : Nirmal Raj Gyawali

Schedule : 10/20, 21, 27,28, 11/3 16:00~18:00 @ Nirmal Yoga Shirokanedai studio

Tuition : ¥95,000 (10 hours)

Curriculum : 
1. Introduction about chakras
2. Why is it important in our daily life?
3. Definition of each chakra
4. Understanding of each chakra
5. Practice of meditation on each chakra
6. Precaution

Reserve :

【11/3, 4】Ayurveda Pregnancy Workshop by Dr. Nirmal Raj Gyawali

Ayurveda pregnancy.jpg

In this course you will learn Ayurvedic methods of how to prepare for pregnancy, how to take care during pregnancy and after delivery. Lecture will be on yoga practice, Ayurvedic diet, massage, mental care and communication with your partner, and how to talk to your baby during pregnancy.

Course guideline :
11/3 sat. 8:30 ~ 10:30 Before Pregnancy
11/4 sun. 8:30 ~ 10:30 During Pregnancy & After Delivery

For booking or inquiry, please contact us at

【2013/1/19~】Hatha Yoga Pradipika Course (40hours)

Our new Hatha Yoga Pradipika Course (40 hours) will start from January!!

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You will learn the orthodox and basic principle of yoga, according to Hatha Yoga Pradipika, a traditional yoga book.

Dr. Nirmal Raj Gyawali started his yoga practice from 9 years old, and has been teaching yoga since 14 years old. Many people visit India or Himalaya to receive the genuine teaching of yoga these days, but it is no more necessary. You are able to learn it here in Tokyo.

This course will be a great discovery for those who are seeking to learn core essence of yoga.

Curriculum : 
Week 1・2 - Chapter 1 Asana
Week 3・4 - Chapter 2 Shatkarma and Pranayama
Week 5・6 - Chapter 3 Mudra and Bandha
Week 7・8 - Chapter 4 Samadhi

Schedule : 2013/1/19 - 3/24 Sat&Sun 15:30 - 18:00 (*2/9, 10, 3/16, 17 no class)
Instructor : Nirmal Raj Gyawali
Tuition : ¥200,000
            *Text book will be Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Muktibodhananda.
             Please prepare it by your own.
Inquiry/booking : / 03-3445-9984

*Lecture will be in English with Japanese translation
*Course information session will be held on 2013/1/12 12:45 - 13:45. Please feel free to join us. We look forward to seeing you all!