Savasana/Dead body Pose

savasana.jpgRelaxes your body and mind

<Category> Mind/Health

- A very powerful posture, beneficial to all ailments
- Gives good rest to the body and mind
- Recharges the body with fresh, new energy
- The entire nervous system gets rest
- Increases the vital energy in your body and you would feel more powerful
- Anyone can practice this pose

Step by Step:
1. Spread a blanket or a yoga mat on a plain ground or floor.
2. Lie down. Spread your arms 45 degrees, palms facing up. Both legs 30 degrees apart.  Even if you are cold and covered in a blanket, please try to leave your toes and palms, uncovered.
3. Close your eyes. Breathe slowly through you nose.  Expand your chest, stomach.  Relax your body.  Try to remove each thought with each breathing.  Relax your mind.
4. Do not fall asleep. Do not move during the posture. Try to relax completely. Only your own awareness is awake, but your body and mind is at good good rest. 
5. After a good rest, recharge wake up.  Breathe in slowly.  Turn your body to the left and then, to the right. Wake up from your right hand side.

Sleep may give considerable rest to the body, but not necessary to the entire body, like the heart and respiratory systems. The root cause of all diseases is tiredness and stress. This is the only asana where you can completely relax your body, as well as the mind. A complete rest cures many diseases and ailments. People who are worried, fearful, angry or scared,  find it hard to remove their stress/ illness effectively.  This asana can be practiced by all people, of all age, at any time of the day.

Tips on when to practice:
Anytime, whenever you feel like it.  Whenever you feel the need to relax.  For example, after coming back from a busy day outside, say 8hours of work, take a savasana as soon as you come back home.  A 10 minutes rest, will bring back energy like you would not believe!