Chemesana/Still Pose

Helps to bring your inner self "still" and good for people with cold hand and feet

chemasana.jpg<Category> Mind/Health, Beauty Yoga

-  Helps to build up concentration 
-  Helps to stabilize our mind
-  Helps to awake the kundalini energy

-  Good for people with cold hand and feet

<Step by Step>
1. Sit with right foot between left calf and thigh.
2. Then, left foot between right calf and thigh. (Swastikasana)
3. Place your hands in front of your heart, with palms facing each other (like namaste.)
4. Fingers should be facing vertically upwards, but in a relaxed manner.
5. Your thumbs are lightly touching your ribs.  Your whole body and arms in a relaxed manner.
6. Place your palms about 3 centimeters apart.  
7. Close your eyes, breathe normally. Stay in this posture for 5 - 20 minutes.  

N.B. Commonly practiced by kundalini yoga practitioners. Those who want to be healers should practice this asana for about 20 - 30 minutes a day