Nirmal Raj Gyawali

Name: Nirmal Raj Gyawali
Instructor/Practitioner of:-
Nirmal Yoga, Pranayama, Ayurvedic Treatment, Ayurvedic Counselling, Teachers Training, Healing

President of Yoga Ashram Japan. 
Nirmal began studying and practicing yoga at the age of 9, inspired by his grandfather, Yogacharya Dr. Kashi Raj Uphadhayaya, the owner of Arogya Ashram Nepal in the area of the holy temple of Pashupati Nath.
Nirmal completed his diploma in Hatha Yoga and Naturopathy in 1993, and received a doctorate degree in 1998. Motivated by his keen interest in the Yogic Sciences, he joined the International School of the Yoga System of Medicine, where he completed training in Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Massage, and Organic Food Management. Previously taught at mellow beaute, IYC, Sun and Moon Yoga, and various other studios in Tokyo.  
Following the establishment of Yoga Ashram Japan in 2007, he opened Nirmal Yoga Studio in Shirokanedai to provide a sanctuary to those who seek a happy and stress-free life. The Studio provides Ayurvedic treatment as well as Nirmal Yoga classes and teacher trainings. 
In 2009, he released a CD "Yoga Nidra". The owner and producer of Nepalese Restaurant, Kailash Villa, in Ningyocho where serves Ayurvedic and Yogic food. Follow me on Twitter!

Naresh Shrestha

Name:Naresh Shrestha
Instructor/Practitioner of:
Nirmal Yoga, Nirmal Yoga Basic, Yogic Massage, Ayurveda Treatment, Teachers Training Program
Started learning Hatha Yoga when he was 17 with Nirmal and  guru, Dr.kashi raj upadhaya, at Arogya Ashram in Nepal. Naresh also went on to study Ayurvedic Treatment and Yogic therapy. In 2002, he completed diploma in  Hatha Yoga, Yogic Therapy and Ayurvedic treatment.  Since then, he has been teaching Yoga and been giving treatments, at Arogya Ashram and other institutes including the senior national police training academy.  

Naresh came to Japan in 2008 and has been actively promoting the wisdom of yoga/ayurveda in Tokyo. Follow me on Twitter!

Niraj Gyawali

Niraj Profile.jpgName: Niraj Gyawali
Instructor/Practitioner of: Nirmal Yoga, Nirmal Yoga Intermediate, Pranayama, Ayurvedic Treatment
Born in Nepal, 1985. Started hatha yoga and raja yoga when he was 14 in Arogya Ashram in Kathmandu, which his grand father had established. Started teaching as anassistant in 2004 and became an instructor in 2006. He came to Japan to support his brother, Nirmal's activity in 2011. Also a great ayurvedic and yogic massage practitioner. Teaching Nirmal Yoga teacher training course from 2011.
Teaching Nirmal Yoga in Shogakukan.

Yayoi Narita

YayoiN.JPGName: Yayoi Narita
Instructor of: Nirmal Yoga
Yayoi started yoga in 2006 for her diet. She has experienced Nirmal Yoga in the summer of 2006 and that brought her awareness yoga is not just asana which is actually just a small part of yoga. She decided to take the teacher training course of Nirmal Yoga to know more about yoga. Graduated TT in April, 2009.

Kuriko Takeuchi

kuriko_takeuchi.jpgName: Kuriko Takeuchi
Instructor of: Nirmal Yoga
Profile: Kuriko started working as a body worker in 2005, teaching Rusie Dutton and working as a Traditional Thai Massage practitioner. She  met Nirmal in 2008 and started learning Yoga at Nirmal Yoga's teachers training course. Currently, she is  teaching Yoga at sport clubs, yoga studios, culture centres, and at hospitals, clinics which look after people with mental problems. 
 "Yoga  helped me face my own life with joy and fulfillment.  I hope to give this gift to all those around me in as many ways and forms as possible." Follow me on Tweet!

Noriko Kirishima

Noriko Kirishima.jpgName: Noriko Kirishima
Instructor of: Nirmal Yoga
Profile: Through training of classic ballet in my childhood and synchronized swimming as a college student, I came to know that physical experience has a great influence on mind and spirit. Although yoga had been my long time wish, I could not find a right place until I came to Nirmal Yoga. Through teachings of yoga and Ayurveda by Dr. Nirmal along with practices, I came to realize the importance of facing yourself not from outside but into inside, listen to what your heart and soul telling you. 'Since I started yoga, I am far from doctors and medicines. Hoping to share this great knowledge and experience of yoga and Ayurveda that uplift you to the state of bliss'