【Ayurvedic Pregnancy, Conception, Mother and Baby workshops】

1: Ayurvedic Pregnancy: Pre-natal Philosophy,Poses and Breath Workshops
Location: Nirmal Yoga Studio
Speaker: Nirmal Raj Gyawali, Ayurvedic Doctor
Date: January 22nd
Time: 13:30-15:30
Investment: 6,000 yen

Description: Would you like to have a happy, healthy pregnancy? This workshop will explore the Ayurvedic philosophy for a lovely pregnancy, the breathing techniques and physical poses that are beneficial during pregnancy and will prepare the body for giving birth. Also, Ayurvedic guidance for the father or partner to support the mother.

2: Ayurvedic Conception Philosophy,Poses and Breath Workshop
Location: Nirmal Yoga Studio
Speaker: Nirmal Raj Gyawali, Ayurvedic Doctor
Date: Februay 19th
Time: 13:30-15:30
Investment: 6,000 yen

Description: Whether you're having trouble conceiving or would like to learn how to have a baby the Ayurvedic way, this workshop will provide you with valuable information to prepare parents for making a baby.

3: Ayurvedic Mother and Baby: Post-natal Philosophy,Poses and Breath Workshop
Location: Nirmal Yoga Studio
Speaker: Nirmal Raj Gyawali, Ayurvedic Doctor
Date: February 26th
Time: 13:30-15:30
Investment: 6,000 yen

Description: This workshop explains the Ayurvedic path for new mothers to heal yourselves from child birth or c-sections as well as from post-partum depression and how to nurture your newborn.  

*Special offer: 1,000 yen discount for students who attend at least two workshops

The workshops will be held at Nirmal Yoga Studio.

July 19th 19:30- "Guru Purnima"

[Event: Guru Purnima (Full Moon)]
July 19th Tuesday@Nirmal Yoga Studio Shirokanedai
Fee: Free

We are holding Guru Purnima puja on the full moon evening of Tuesday July 19th.

Purnima means Full Moon in Sanskrit. Guru means teacher who guide us and light our way of yoga, who watches us always, and who raise our spirituality. The real guru is the divinity who resides in your center.

Sanskrit, which construct mantra, is made of sacred sound combination. Singing mantra along with melody rhythmical and keep your mind still and clear creates a certain vibration in your body, that stimulates pineal gland to produce Amrita. It brings great harmony and stillness in you mind and clears the environment as well.

Fill you heart with sacred devotional feeling and respect to Guru (God, universe, nature...). Either experience of singing, mantra, nor yoga is needed. Only love is needed. Enjoy this special night of Kirtan.

7:30 Open 
7:45 Chanting 
8:30 Prasad and chai time. 
9:00 closing.

"Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu
Gurur Devo Mahesvarah,
Guruh Sakshat Pram Brahma 
Tasmai Shri Grave Namah"

Please join us celebrate our inner Guru who always light our way at Guru Purnima. Anyone can join!


【March 28th, 2016】Kids Yoga in English @ Nirmal Yoga Studio!

EKY flyer 3-28-2016 English version.jpg
Please contact us for more information: 

Ayurvedic Treatments by Dr. Anupama @ Nirmal Yoga Studio

Ayurvedic treatments by Dr. Anupama are now available at our Shirokanedai studio!

Her treatments menu and price informations are as below.


1. Ayurvedic Counseling  60 min. ~ 70 min.   12,000 Yen

2. Abhyanga  60 min.   15,000 Yen
( By using Ayurvedic Oil) 
 Abhyanga  90 min.  20,000 Yen

3. Shirodhara 60 min.   15,000 Yen
( by using Shirodhara oil)

4. Ayurvedic Head massage and neck massage by using Herbal hair oil
                            40 min.    9000 Yen

5. Kati basti and back massage course
                              60 min     9000 Yen

6. Manya Basti ( neck basti) and neck massage Course   60 min.    9000 Yen

7.  Ayurveda herbal facial
                             40 min 9000 Yen

8.  Ayurveda Herbal facial course
                             80 mins 13,000 Yen
(Herbal facial massage, skin rejuvenating face pack, herbal tea)

9.  Shiropichu treatment+ Head + forehead massage   60 min.  11,000 Yen 
(Herbal oil gauze pack over head) 

Details of above treatments- 

before taking any treatment, counseling is must ( Counseling by Dr.Anupama)

1. Counseling 

Ayurvedic Counseling By Dr. Anupama

Includes- History taking,
                 - Nadi Pariksha
    - Dosha Pariksha(Dosha checking)
    - Prakruti Checking
     - Diet and Lifestyle management Advice,
    - Advice some remedies according to the body and problems 

Contact us for more details.
-counseling on weekdays and weekends are possible with prior appointment 

2. Abhyanga benefits-
Abhyanga by using herbal oil helps to relive bodily and mental stress, rejuvenates skin and organs. Helps to relieve tiredness and improves sleep.

3. Shirodhara benefits-
Shirodhara have wonderful effects on our brain and body. It calms mind, improves sensory function, promotes good sleep and concentration, relives stress, tension, anxiety. 

4. Head massage and neck massage-
This massage by using herbal hair oil promotes good hair growth, cures falling and graying hairs if done regularly. Also relieves stress, insomnia. Good to do to get relaxed from everyday work.

5. Kati basti & back massage course 
Kati basti means pouring some oil on the lower back in a specific manner to cure back disorders and stiffness.   

6. Manya basti and neck massage
This therapy is useful in neck stiffness, neck pain, shoulder pain and frozen shoulder. Neck massage helps to relax back and neck muscles and relive pain.

7. Herbal facial course
This includes facial massage, steam and face pack application.
This method is good to rejuvenate skin in a natural way. Improves skin texture and complexion, face pack and steam removes black marks and smooths skin. 

8. Shiropichu and head massage benefits -
Shiropichu also have wonderful effects on our brain and body. It calms mind, improves sensory function, promotes good sleep and concentration, relives stress, tension, anxiety. 

Please contact us for more detailed information and reservation.

Tel. 03-3445-9984
E-mail. info@nirmalyoga.com

【Profile of Dr. Anupama】
Dr_Anupama_portrait.jpgのサムネール画像Dr. Anupama is an experienced Ayurveda Doctor and yoga teacher, has completed B.A.M.S in India, and now lives in Tokyo. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy. She is also an expert in feminine problems and their treatments, panchakarma, beauty care, meditation, Garbhini Paricharya ( Care during pregnancy) Baby Care and herbal Ayurvedic medicinal preparations. She is also a diet and lifestyle management adviser. She has arranged many Ayurveda workshops and courses in India as well as in Japan.


[ Chakra Meditation Workshop starting from March 26]

[ Chakra Meditation Workshop ]

Chakra meditation works upon secreting tubule and
regulates our hormone balance. It is the meditation
which gives us good energy and makes our living easy
in this stressful modern life style.
In this workshop, each chakra's meaning, placement,
shape, color, sound and element are explaned with
ancient scriptures, and put it into actual practice of
chakra meditation.
With the guidance of Dr. Nirmal Raj Gawali; the master,
you will go deeper with your meditation.

3/26, 27, 4/2,3,9 16:00~18:00 95,000 yen (10 hours) @ Nirmal Yoga Shirokanedai Studio
Instructor: Nirmal Raj Gyawali Reserve: info@nirmalyoga.com / 03-3445-9984 More Info: www.nirmalyoga.com


【Maha Shivaratri March7th 2016 19:45-】

【Maha Shivaratri March 7th  2016 19:45-21:00 at Nirmal Yoga Studio】

We will celebrate Maha Shivaratri at Nirmal Yoga Studio
It is the only day that Lord Shiva descends on earth and people celebrate chanting, praying dancing all night in Nepal and India.
We will have puja(ritual) and chant mantra "Maha Trimunjaya" 108 times, and pay respect and pray to Lord Shiva who destroys our bad ego, ignorance and fear of death.
Due to the event, Nirmal Yoga class 19:45- will be cancelled.

* Please bring some satvic food such as fruits for offering. After thechanting, we will share them with a cup of chai tea.

【WS on Dec. 5th】Shankha Praksharan (whole digestive system clensing yoga) Workshop!

Shankha Prakshalan 
(Whole Digestive System Cleansing Yoga) 
Workshop on Dec. 5th, 2015

Shankha Prakshalan is one of the Ayurvedic body cleansing method which cleans your whole digestive system by drinking lots of water and doing some certain yoga poses.  It is said, by doing this treatment once in every two months, you can remove waste matter pilled up in your digestive system which is about 9 meter long and keep your internal organ healthy and clean.
This treatment also brings good result for those who have constipation, skin problem, impurity of blood, headache, high blood pressure, etc...

In this WS, we are going to give you knowledge and technique as below;

What is Shankha Praksharan? 
--How does it work? 
--Preparation of water and posture, and how the posture works. 
--What to eat before and after this treatment, and how to prepare the after meal. 
--Basic rules to be followed before and after Shankha Praksharan. 

<Workshop Detail>

    Naresh Shrestha

   8,000 yen  (*reservation required)

   Dec 5th (Sat) 15:00-18:00

■Venue & Reservation
    Please apply by e-mail (   info@nirmalyoga.com  ) with your name and your contact info. 
    Or call to Nirmal Yoga Shirokanedai Studio
   This workshop is held at Nirmal Yoga Studio.
   3-8-1 6F Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

【Feb2016】Rishkesh Retreat in India (Meditation and Ayurveda with Nirmal)

"Discover Ayurveda, and discover your health."

Finally our dream retreat has come to be true! Let's go to the world renowned sacred place in India, Rishkesh, which is the heart of all yogis. 

We will not only explore this yogic historical place but also explore our inner world at depth. Nirmal will guide you to the deepest meditation you ever had. We will also practice yoga everyday and learn ayurvedic philosophy and practical techniques in daily lecture. 

Just to spend the whole day with an authentic yogi like Nirmal, it will expand your consciousness and takes you to profound experiences. 

Make a reservation for you now! NirmalYogaIndiaRetreat.pdf 
(download this application to be filled and send it to Nirmal Yoga. Japanese Only.)


■■■ Schedule ■■■
2/10 Wed
Leaving Narita, Arriving Delhi (accommodation in Delhi)

2/11 Thu
6:50 Leaving Delhi、11:25 Arriving Haridwar(by express train or hired car)
After lunch in Haridwar, heading to Rudprayag (5H, accommodation at Manal Resort, Rudprayag) 

2/12 Fri 〜16 Tue
6:00 wake up
6:30 yoga asana
8:30 breakfast
9:30 ayurveda lecture
12:00 lunch
13:30 activities such as hiking
16:00 ayurveda lecture
18:00 dinner
20:30 meditation
22:30 bed time

2/17 Wed
Meditation in Vasista Cave
Leaving for Haridwar, sightseen in Rishkesh (accommodation in Rishkesh)

2/18 Thu
Leaving for Delhi Airport, Arriving in Narita next day

Make a reservation for you now! NirmalYogaIndiaRetreat.pdf 
(download this application to be filled and send it to Nirmal Yoga. Japanese Only.)

■■■ Information ■■■

Terms:2016,Feb,10th Wed 〜19th Fri. (From Narita to Narita)

Fee:298,000円(airticket, insurance, lecture, yoga, meals. Sercharge, visa fee will be added. Please see the PDF application.)

Nirmal Yoga
03-3445-9984 info@nirmalyoga.com

【Oct. 24, 2015】Pranayama (breathing exercise) Workshop

3 hours Pranayama Workshop will be held by Naresh Shreshta.

Relax your body with yoga breathing exercises.
Learn benefits of breathing exercise and experience the effect of pranayama.
It brings awareness to your body and mind from inside your body.  
Purify your body wih the energy of prana and regain healthy body and mind. 

Anyone can join this workshop!

Date: 2015/10/24 (sat)


Instructor: Naresh Shresta


Place:Nirmal Yoga Studio  

Reservation: info@nirmalyoga.com/ 03-3445-9984

【10/11 Sun】Shankha Prakshalan (Colon Cleansing Yoga)

It is recommended to clean your colons every two month by this Ayurvedic water treatmen, Shankha Prakshalan. This is 3 hours special class to work on your internal organ to keep them healthy and clean.

Date & Time: 19 July, 7:00 - 10:00
Fee: 8,000 yen 
What to bring: 4 liters of water and sea salt
Maximum: 4 people 

Reservation must be required: info@nirmalyoga.com / 03-3445-9984