【7/27】Guru Purunima

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The first full moon after the summer solstice is known as Guru Purnima, one of the most important festival in India and Nepal.

 Purnima means Full Moon. Guru means teacher.

Guru is the one who guide us and light our way of yoga, who watches us always, and who raise our spirituality. 

The real guru is the divinity who resides in your center.

As the moon illuminates the sun, our divine soul will shine with the light of guru's wisdom.

We will hold "Mantra chanting 108 times" on July 27th this year as our Annual Event of Guru purunima.

We sing guru's mantra "Guru Stotram" along with the melody of harmonium, indian reed organ

<The effects of repeating mantra>

Sanskrit, which construct mantra, is made of sacred sound combination. Singing mantra along with melody rhythmical and keep your mind still and clear creates a certain vibration in your body, that stimulates pineal gland to produce Amrita. It brings great harmony and stillness in you mind and clears the environment as well.

Fill you heart with sacred devotional feeling and respect to Guru (God, universe, nature...). Either experience of singing, mantra, nor yoga is needed. Only love is needed. Enjoy this special night of Kirtan.

At the night of Guru Purunima, the energy of the divine flows more profoundly through Guru's love.

So it is the best time to begin new practice to higher your-self.

Let's chant together and promise yourself for your new sadhana practice at this sacred day. 

Guru's Puja is hold.

If you have time, please join making garland with flowers.

Please email us at info@nirmalyoga.com, if you can join.

Time will be announced later.

Date & Time: 27th July, Fri 19:3021:00


19:30 Open / Prasad

19:45 Puja&108 times Mantra (Kirtan)

20:45 Chai Time

Bring flower, fruits, vegetarian sweets as Prasad and let's enjoy sharing time with chai.

Fee: Free

Place: Nirmal Yoga Shirokanedai Studio

Contact/Reservation: info@nirmalyoga.com / 03-3445-9984

Drop-in to this event is also welcome.